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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Sending a little love

Recently it was my mothers birthday. As a small gift I made her up some lovely lace trimmed pillowcases that I think she will love.  Of course I wanted to send something from the kids as well. And since my family lives a distance away we always have to consider the cost of shipping something before its a viable gift option. 
So I thought the kids could send "hugs" to Grandma 

This was a simple five minute activity that both the kids got excited about doing and will certainly brighten my moms day when she gets them. 

I used a roll of on hand butcher paper (I buy it from IKEA for $5.99/ roll and it lasts forever and we get so much great use out of it.) and some of the kids markers. 

I just had the kids lay down on the paper with their arms open as though they are about to hug someone.  Then I just traced around them. Walter added his own details and Audrey had some help from That Guy. 

I don't know whats up with the expression on his face

Audreys finished product
Then Walter wrote "Walter sends you a hug!" and we wrote the same for Audrey on hers. 

Such a simple, quick, easy to ship way to brightens someones day.  Who do you know who could benefit from a hug?

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