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Thursday, 19 September 2013

$2 DIY Autumn Wreath

A few weeks ago a friend of mine and I went to a big box craft store on the hunt for ribbon for a project she was doing.  While we were there I noticed they had their "Grab Bag" sale on.  This is where you buy an unmarked white kitchen garbage bag stuffed full of things for $2 and hope you get things you can use.  I buy a grab bag pretty much every chance I get because something in there is always worth at least $2 to me.

This time I was very lucky indeed. My bag was crammed with several pairs of summer flip flops (which I can use in future beach themed birthday gifts for children) some silk flowers (to add to my crafting stash) and a bunch of wooden items.  The wooden items included four intricate laser cut wooden frames and eight 18 inch wooden letters.  I am thrilled with the frames and can hardly wait to put them to use on a later project. Out of the letters I took two "B"s (my surname starting with a B and all..) and gave the rest to my friend who said her son would enjoy them.

What to do with two wooden B's.... what to do indeed.... and so they sat for several weeks.  Now as the season is changing and I start getting exciting about autumn it occurred to me that I could use the "B"s as a sort of wreath for our front door.  I thought I would make one an autumn wreath and one a Christmas wreath.  I have, as of yet, only completed the autumn wreath.

Since I bought the entire grab bag of items for $2 and this wreath uses only one of those items I am counting the B as a no cost item.
That Guy bought silk leaves and a decorative holiday spray from the dollar store for $1 each, totaling $2.  
The spray paint, hot glue, and small length of burlap were all on hand items.

To begin That Guy offered to take the B outside and spray paint it for me.  Isn't he sweet? He couldn't decide if he wanted to paint it brown or green...
decisions decisions
 So he painted it green.
 Then he decided what this wreath really needed was a two toned effect. So he added the brown. This colour combination may not be for everyone....
That Guy likes how "rustic" the two toned paint looks....
After waiting a bit for the spray paint to dry I brought it inside to add some leaves.  The addition of leaves provides colour, theme, and a bit of size and presence as well.   Just hot glued the leaves right to the back.  First I glued the smaller leaves (so that when the B is turned right side they will be closest to the front) leaving enough space for larger leaves in between.
smaller leaves
 Then I filled it in with the larger leaves.
This project is so quick!
 Flip over the B and I was already impressed with myself.  Again with hot glue I added the decorative spray to the bottom right edge.  Then with a scrap of burlap I cut a strip and tied it in a bow.  I know, gentle readers, I feel the same way - that is a sad looking bow. I have never been able to make a decent bow - that really is the best I could do.
poor little bow
 Just added a small metal eyelet I found in the basement and hung it on the front door.
Happy Autumn, gentle readers!

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