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Monday, 19 August 2013

DIY gift for new baby girl -$2

This past weekend we went to see some dear friends of ours who live in a different city.  Recently these friends expanded their family by one with the birth of their daughter, now making them a family of four.

I was pretty darn excited to finally meet their sweet girl and be able to celebrate with them. Of course I wanted to make a small gift for sweet baby Hilary and this is what I came up with.

Total cost to me was $2, for the flower pot and floral foam both from the dollar store.  Everything else I had  on hand.

Here is what you would need:
flower pot - $1
floral foam - $1 (although one brick of foam would easily do two pf these gifts)
green tissue paper - on hand
assortment of silk flowers - on hand
floral wire - on hand
hot glue gun and sticks - on hand
shelf liner - on hand
rhinestones, pearl halves and other decorative floral centers - on hand
hair clips - on hand

First I cut the foam to fit into the pot. I like to keep the plastic on the foam for as much of this process as I can since the foam feels so strange to me.
floral foam in the pot
Next I folded up a piece of green tissue paper and placed it on top of the foam in the flower pot.
tissue paper
Then I took my floral wire and cut each wire in half and set them aside.

Now I pulled apart my silk flowers.  I buy my silk flowers from the dollar store when I need them. But when making hair clips you may find that these flowers look a little sparse. I rectify this by using two flowers for each clip, layering them atop each other.  This gives a nice full look to the flower for a cost much lower than buying fancy silk flowers from an arts and crafts store.
Dollar store silk flowers
Remove flowers from the stems by taking out the center
pieces of two flowers ready for hot glue

I hot glue everything together with a gem in the center of the flower like so,

Set your flower aside for a moment to prepare the clip. 
I find it best to add small strips of shelf liner to in sides of hair clips to help them grip well to thin or fine hair. Just cut your strips and hot glue them to the interior of the clip. 
Helps the clip stay put

Repeat with as many different flowers as you would like.  I did a total of six flowers.  Once you have all your clips made push your floral wire into the foam in your pot. I have found this looks best if the length of the wires are different. Then you simply clip your flower hair clips to the top of the floral wire and admire :) I also added a bow hair clip i had on hand  to the front of the bouquet.  I printed out a quick sign and hot glued two pieces of floral wire to the back and stuck that in the pot as well.
I was pretty pleased with it, and thought it looked adorable.  That is, until Hilary's mom sent me this photo.... Next to that face I couldn't make anything to compare in adorableness :)

Welcome baby Hilary!

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