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Thursday, 4 July 2013

No cuss duvet cover method

During a few of my teen years I worked at Linens 'N Things. They trained me in all sorts of things like operating the cash register, using the intercom system, how to polish display cutlery and how to fold a towel to fit just so on their shelves. They also taught us how to dress a bed display. Since I was being exposed to so much else I never considered the bed dressing to be a particular life skill.

Turns out, it is.  I spoke to many people during my time working at that store who opted for a comforter over a duvet because they found putting the duvet cover back onto the duvet to be a daunting task. I have watched very intelligent room mates and family members struggle with the same thing in years since.

So I thought I might take a moment, gentle readers, to show you how I was taught. This method is very simple and works for duvets of all sizes. Say goodbye to the days of frustration induced duvet cussing :)

Step one:  Take your duvet cover, turn it inside out and lay in on the bed or clean floor
Duvet cover inside out

Step two: Lay your duvet on top of your duvet cover
Duvet on top of inside out duvet cover

Step three: Reach under the duvet inside the duvet cover at one of the two corners closest to the duvet cover opening.  Reach your hand way down and grasp the corner of the duvet through the duvet cover.  You should have your arm all the way inside your duvet cover, and have the opposite corners duvet cover and duvet corner in your hand.
Reaching under the duvet inside the duvet cover

My hand inside the duvet cover. Grabbing both the duvet and duvet cover from the inside

Step four: Do the same on the other side of the duvet.  You are now arm deep inside your duvet cover with two fistfuls of duvet/duvet cover.

Step four: Maintaining your hold on your fistfuls pull your arms out of the duvet cover.

Step five: Shake

Step six: Smile because you're almost done and this was way easier than you thought it would be
Step seven: Close the duvet covers opening


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