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Monday, 20 May 2013

My personal "No complaining" challenge

Good morning, gentle readers!
How I do love a long weekend, especially when it has been as jam packed with family fun time as this weekend. Such great days strung together always gets me reflecting on how great things are. I have a happy marriage, two wonderful healthy and happy children. We have a home we love and food on our table. That Guy and I both have jobs which allow us to provide for our family but also give us the freedom to provide within our community as well. We are not at war or under the threat of any immediate natural disaster. Life is good!

Which means when I first read an article about how spending one day actively not complaining could change your life I figured it would be pretty easy to test. I mean, when life is good how hard could it be not to complain? How much could it really change things?

That was a few days ago. Since then I have noticed how much I do complain. About the bugs outside, or the guy who mows his lawn right as my kids are napping, or thoughtless drivers. I have complained that I had nothing to wear, that this house doesn't have a doorbell, that the wi-fi was slow. Ugh, when I write it all down I sound like a bit of a first world spoiled brat, don't I? Yet, I think that's the point! To draw attention to our entitled culture.

So, I am going to share my personal challenge with you, gentle readers. For the next two days I am going to challenge myself to be aware of my complaining. I challenge myself to approach things with a grateful and happy heart. To approach people with love, acceptance and understanding. I will live by the adage to say something nice or nothing at all. It might be a very quiet few days as I work hard to rise above the ingrained entitlement and work to change my life for the better.

My life is pretty darn awesome, but that doesn't mean I have to stop working to make it better!

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