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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

DIY non skid socks

DIY non skid socks

My family live quite a ways from us.  Back in January, That Guy and I took the kids for a ten day adventure to see them.   While I was there I saw my mother almost fall down the stairs. My parents have highly polished hardwood floors throughout their house, the stairs included.  When my mom was stepping onto the next stair her sock slipped on the surface and she was dependent on the railing to save her from a very serious fall.
It got me thinking about my kids socks too.  Most children's socks do come with non skid grips on the bottom, but not any of my daughters tights. And no adult socks. Yet we, too, have hardwood floors and its can get just as slippery for adults as for children. So although I will show you this DIY on my daughters socks please use the same idea for your socks and slippers.
Audrey's socks and some fabric paint
What you will need:
- socks/tights/slippers
- 3D/puffy fabric paint

Take your tights and put something inside to keep the paint from fusing both sides of the sock together.  This could be a small piece of cardboard, a small ball or even a cup.

I used a piece of cardboard from a tissue box destined for recycvling

On the bottom of the tights create designs with your fabric paint.  I am the furthest thing from artistic so I stick to things like dots, stripes, hearts, stars or their names  For toddler socks its a fun idea to write "Left" and "Right" on the bottom of their socks to help the identify these words/direction early on.   If you are even remotely artistic try flowers, superhero logos, cars, animals ect. You could write days of the week or the colour of the sock. You could decorate them seasonally and give them as mini gifts (stocking stuffers, Easter basket fillers)

Allow time to dry and Volia! Safe fun footwear that everyone will be happy they are wearing.
Those are supposed to be hearts, haha

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